Stop violence agasint women & Empower them

Arab women have self esteem and respect yourselves: The age of Harem is past and way gone!

November 14, 2012 • Women Rights

              This photo is sent to Dubai to “The uprising of women in the Arab world” انتفاضة المرأة في العالم العربي A page on Facebook about Arab women‘s rise as a result and a must in the wake of the Arab Spring. As seen in the photo there are… Read More ›

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A call to the free world, innocent children slain in Egypt


    A while ago I posted a post wondering if the Prime Minister of the Muslim Brotherhood government will act up to par with his responsibilities.   Now I am calling on the free world to help us take the Egyptians from the pit Egypt has sunk into. The free world thinks that Morsi’s… Read More ›