Stop violence agasint women & Empower them

A very grave & serious issue, Egyptian new constitution & women’r rights



I am a college professor and a world citizen. I am also the Founder and Director of the Center for Acquisition of Language, Literacy And Culture (CALLAC). I love all people, and strongly believe that all people are the same, regardless gender, race, color, religion, ethnicity, history, geography, culture, language, intellect, background or wealth. I am against inequality in all forms and shapes, firmly a pro women issues, fight against violence and harassment to women, everywhere, at home, at work, and on the streets. I want to see all peoples of this world become one. Perhaps through communicating with each other we can achieve this.

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Conservatism Manifesto.

Conservatism Manifesto. (Photo credit: mmoneib)

The present ultra conservative Muslim Brother’s government is in the process of modifying & writing the constitution. In a nutshell, they want to limit a woman’s role to just being a wife, children bearer & a mother. It doesn’t include any items about her rights & her role in the society or even marriage because the wording of the constitution is written so to condone the marriage of 9 years old girls & also to have their genitals mutilated. I would have loved to translate the above & the recommendation a written by Attorney Mona Zulficar, but unfortunately pressed with time. Please help us by sharing and taking a stand.
Here is the link to the draft: Sorry it’s in Arabic. But in a nut shell, it ignores women’s and children’s rights.

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