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Mankind take a stand before it’s too late

Mankind take a stand and forbid the destruction of your history and heritage. Stone-head Talaban like Egyptian Islamist call for the destruction of the Sphinx, the Pyramids and the statues. The excerpt below is a translation of a piece of news appeared in Elaph, an electronic mobile newspaper.

An Egyptian leading jihadi Islamist calls for the destruction of the Sphinx, the Pyramids and old Pharaoh’s statues.

An Islamist leader called for the destructions of the Sphinx, the Pyramids, and the old Egyptians statues in Egypt, pointing that they are idols and fetishes and leads to idolatry.

Last Saturday, on a televised program on Dream Egyptian TV channel, Morgan Salem El Gohari, an Islamist leader, called for the destruction of the Sphinx, the Pyramids, and the old Egyptians statues in Egypt.

The Sheikh said: “the statues and idols which fill all of Egypt should be destroyed and the Muslims are demanded to apply God’s (Allah’s) wise Sharia, and claims that one of the Sharia’s commands is to destroy the statues the same way Buddha statues got destroyed in Afghanistan”.

And he added” that we are charged to destroy them and we will destroy them because they are idols and fetishes which are worshiped instead of God”.

The journalist Nabil Sharf El Dine, who was present in the televised program, responded that : “Amur ibn el ‘As, one of the Prophet’s (PBUH) who conquered Egypt, entered Egypt and did not destroy one statue, because destroying statues is associated with worshiping them, and no one worships statues now. In addition, this is all mankind’s heritage and owned by them, and we will never let anyone come close to them and you are being closely watched”.

An interaction by phone from the vice president of the Tunisian Renaissance Movement, Sheikh Abdel Fattah Moro, who asked sheikh El Gorahi directly: “One more time, who are you to undertake such an action? Did master “Amur ibn el ‘As make such action when he came to Egypt? Did he destroy the statues?”

Moro added that: “the Prophet destroyed the statues in his time because his people were worshiping them. But the Sphinx and the Pyramids are not being worshiped and therefore, you are wrong, your reasoning is wrong and in fact against the Sharia”.

It has been pointed that another salafi sheikh, the preacher Mohamed Hassan called previously to efface and obliterate the faces of the statues and cover them with wax. This sheikh said in his weekly program “the Merciful Fatwas (decrees)” on a satellite channel in reply to a question about selling small old statues in the event that these statues are unearthed from the private garden of a homeowner.

Hassan, added that” if the statues personify people’s bodies you have to cover them or obliterate their faces. In addition you can sell and buy whatever you want if you happen to unearth the statues in your garden. But if the statues are discovered in a public place then they are not yours but owned by the government. And if you buy and sell the statues that belong to the government then you are committing a religious crime”.

In response Yaser El Zayyat, a journalist said that “these decrees “fatwas” open the door to the destruction of our great history and sell it to whomever is on earth, this is after sheikh Hassan made it Halal “kosher” to buy and sell it”. Yaser considers these fatwas, destructive to the Egyptian economy, because these sheikhs have destroyed people’s minds.

A lot of Egyptian scholars and intellectuals expressed their anger towards the Islamists leaders’ statements  to the extent that they appeal to have these sheikhs be taken to court, and one of them is the journalist, Sayyid Mahmoud, and many who support him.

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  1. Bigots are after all that is deep and beautiful in the world, Women & History | Treasure Honor & Respect ♀ Women

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