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I am a college professor and a world citizen. I am also the Founder and Director of the Center for Acquisition of Language, Literacy And Culture (CALLAC). I love all people, and strongly believe that all people are the same, regardless gender, race, color, religion, ethnicity, history, geography, culture, language, intellect, background or wealth. I am against inequality in all forms and shapes, firmly a pro women issues, fight against violence and harassment to women, everywhere, at home, at work, and on the streets. I want to see all peoples of this world become one. Perhaps through communicating with each other we can achieve this.

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Sign says: “Morsi, LEAVE, Egypt is too big for you!” A message delivered by Amr Edib in his talk show program last night.

Colonel Afifi, a retired Egyptian officer is warning through his youtube message that tomorrow the masses will ask for the resignation of Qandil government and if their demand is not met, the scene in Cairo, Ismalia, Portsaid and Suez will not be pleasant.

In solidarity with the collision accident which took away 65 innocent children between the ages of 4-12, Colonel Afifi in two-part youtube video warns Morsi if Qandil’s government does not resign by tomorrow after noon, the streets of the major cities of Egypt will see huge number of the people demonstrating and revolting.

Afifi, also criticized Morsi’s not going to Asyuut and showing his respect by paying condolences to the families of the slain children, and dealt with the disaster by giving a very short appearance on the TV, while sitting at his desk in his office, and describing the collision as an unfortunate accident attributed to the children’s destiny (in Arabic- qadaa’ wa qadar, قضاء وقدر ).

Families and people of Sa’iid, where the tragic collision happened, suffer from neglect for ages. They said that they saw in Morsi hope and aspiration and were a huge electoral force that made him win. But now they say that as they were able to bring Morsi up, they can bring him down.

The Sa’iid will have a say very soon. They might be very docile and extremely patient, but if nothing happens to make them have a closure with the terrible accident yesterday they will raise havoc. They are capable because they are people of values and principles and will definitely go for revenge if nothing is done to appease some of the pain they are in now.

In addition to the latest accident, the Sa’iid does not have an infrastructure whatsoever, the don’t have paved roads, sanitary and sewage system in their homes, or even clean water to drink. They don’t have good schools for children of poor families to attend. And if they do they are miles and miles away from where they live. For example, the children who were on the bus yesterday were on their way to go to a school that is not less than 25 kilometers. Not only that, but they were also on a bus that could carry 25 people only, while they were 75 yesterday.

This is one of the ways children are transported in urban areas and villages in Egypt!

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