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How ironic! Peace and death by the same instigator



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The US, Israel and Gaza are happy for Morsi’s role to instigate the truce between Hamas and Israel. They have all the right to be happy.

However, the Egyptians are not.

While the Gazans are celebrating peace, Egyptians are mourning with tears and blood. First they are mourning the 60 little ones who got crushed, while on their school bus, by the rushing train. These little ones signed their wills with their blood on the front of the train letting the world witness their and their families’ misery and poverty. This is while the new government and administration is busy working out the cease-fire truce between Hamas and Israel.

Second they are mourning Mohamed Gaber Salaah  19-years-old young man who got shot yesterday morning on Mohamed Mahmoud street. He got shot by the men and the administration whom he voted for.

No he didn’t get killed by accident in cross fire. No he was targeted. Gaber got three shots to his head, and one to his heart. Gaber wrote on his Facebook account that he was going to Mohamed Mahmoud to remember his friends and all those who got killed last year. He feared his post might be his last and that if he did not return he asked all his friends to continue the revolution.

Although Gaber voted for the MB administration, he created a Facebook page criticizing them. This is because he saw nothing good taking place. The administration promised many things the revolutionaries asked for, nothing happened. For example, some of the revolutionary detainees were not released. All the officers who were indicted in the shooting of Mohamed Mahmoud’s massacre last year got acquitted. Corruption is the same. Rotten infrastructure is the same. Diseases are the same. So Gaber created a FaceBook page to voice his concern and criticism. And what did he get in return? Three shots to his head and one shot to his heart.

It’s so heartbreaking to see such joy in Gaza and such pain in Egypt. And guess what the source of both is the same man. How ironic….

The front of the train stained with the slain children’s blood

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