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No problem if elected president is illetrate



I am a college professor and a world citizen. I am also the Founder and Director of the Center for Acquisition of Language, Literacy And Culture (CALLAC). I love all people, and strongly believe that all people are the same, regardless gender, race, color, religion, ethnicity, history, geography, culture, language, intellect, background or wealth. I am against inequality in all forms and shapes, firmly a pro women issues, fight against violence and harassment to women, everywhere, at home, at work, and on the streets. I want to see all peoples of this world become one. Perhaps through communicating with each other we can achieve this.

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وقال:  المستشار الغريانى تصدى لمقترحاتنا بحجة أن الشعب المصرى أغلبه يعانى الأمية، وأن وضع هذه الشروط قد تحول أمام ترشح العديد منهم .

According to Almogaz and in relation to drafting the constitution in Egypt, counselor Al Gheriani the head of the committee objected to all suggestions for including text in the constitution to make sure that those nominated are literate and sane.

Al Gheriani objected because by adding such text the Constitution will limit a lot of illiterates, which Egypt is full of, from nominating themselves.

My question is: Is this how they see the future of education in Egypt?

Instead of wiping out illiteracy, accepting it and even permitting the nomination of those who suffer from it?

For your information:

Have a look what kind of constitution is being drafted.

and see what the “blasphemous”educated want for their country?

No comment, but bitterly AMAZED.

Look drafting the constitution is limited to who


But what the people want. Gaber who got shot the other day carrying a post “Constitution of the people is for all the people”




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