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Yesterday President Morsi of Egypt was hailed as a shepherd of peace, as he brokered a sustainable cease-fire agreement between Hamas and Israel.  With the international and American media praising him he emerged triumphant with enhanced prestige and now has a track record as someone who can mediate peace between two enemies.

However, this peace accord didn’t come free.  First a lot of Egyptian political analysts are skeptical that to be so successful in achieving the cease-fire agreement, Egyptians must have paid something in return.

It is said that the deal has a lot of concessions on the part of the Egyptians. For example, the supreme guide of MB, Badii’, questioned people’s dismay about letting Palestinian refugee camps in Sinai. The fear is that MB who can make a deal with Satan for the sole interest of the organization, may have already agreed to let the Palestinians into Siani and this is what brought the cease-fire agreement. Israel always hated Gaza and wanted to get rid of it. By letting Gazans into Sinai Israelis are getting what they always wanted. No wonder they call Morsi their friend.

While Morsi was gaining popularity in the world especially in the US, he was losing popularity at home.  Concurrently when the raids were on Gaza, a tragic horrific accident took place in Asyuut, Upper Egypt, the result of which 60 small kids in their school bus got crushed by a rushing train.  Morsi didn’t give the tragic incident the same care and importance he did to the kids killed in Gaza. This is in spite of the fact that the number of the kids who got killed in the train accident was more than the kids who were killed in 4 days of the bombing.

In addition, the Gaza bombing period coincided with November 19, 2011 Mohamed Mahmoud street massacre. Revolutionaries wanted to remember their slain friends. And instead of Morsi emerging as the supporter of 25 January revolution, his ministry of interior police killed more people.

After four days of violence between the demonstrators and the police, Morsi this evening declared some decrees. All were in anticipation that he would remove the prime minister and the minister of interior affairs as a response to the corruption and negligence that caused the train buss collision tragedy, and the escalation of violence on the streets of Cairo and other places.  What did the people receive?

On Thursday Morsi made several decrees suggesting the following message: “We are dictators and we don’t care. We are after a Caliphate and you locals cannot oppose your Caliph”. In short, he declared himself a dictator. The revolution took place to get rid of a dictator and produced another dictator and Pharaoh.

If the US gives the green light to Morsi to have absolute power– with his decrees this evening he gained himself the three powers, executive, legislative, and judiciary– it should kiss Arab Spring and democracy good-bye. I hope it will reconsider its support to Morsi. I do understand that peace in the Middle East secures US’s stability and security. But if there is no stability in Egypt, there will be none in the whole Arab world. Please help the opposition have a secular liberal government where Christian, Muslim and Jewish Egyptians live in peace. They used to have one before Nasser came to power. They cannot regain this coexistence unless they are helped. Down with Morsi and with the (murshid’s) the supreme guide’s reign.

A civil was may immediately erupt in Egypt, one Egyptian will kill another Egyptian and it will be all because of Morsi’s doing and despotic decrees. Wake up please!!

Morsi the ayatollah

Morsi “I am your Almighty God”


Lion of Qasr El Nil Bridge (symbol of Jan 25 revolution) Says: ” I am returning to Tahrir”



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  1. Thank you Rajaa for such an interesting article that pleases most of liberal Egyptians and balanced young revolutionary Muslim Brothers. I think the US has committed its greatest crime against Egyptian revolutionaries and liberals,Muslims and non Muslimsm by granting this MB organization $50 million US dollars just before the elections whith which they bought most of the votes. One wonders why such a great country wants Egyptians down under those traditionalist stagnatic politics players!! If Egypt is down no Western interests or even Israeli spoiled babies future under the coming dictators and fascists.

    • Nagwa, thanks for reading my blog and for your great comments and feedback. I am so sad about what is happening and unfortunately instead of the MB bringing the long due hope and prosperity to the country, I am afraid they all want to do is hold onto power and give no concern whatsoever to the country and poor Egyptians. They are ruling with vendetta and it is very sad and scary.


  1. The shepherd turned into Hitler | Treasure Honor & Respect ♀ Women
  2. The shepherd turned into Hitler | Treasure Honor & Respect ♀ Women

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