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Egyptians’ perspecitive of Muslim Brothers



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‘il ka’in il ikhwaani – The Ikhaani Object

Ikhwaani comes from the phrase “il ikhwaan il muslimiin” The Muslim Brothers. So Ikhwaani means that person pertaining to the Muslim Brotherhood.
الكائن الاخواني ملوش مكان في ميداني…..
The Ikhawaani Object doesn’t a place in my square (Tahrir)
احنا اللي عملنا الثورة … ليه يركب هو مكاني
We did the revolution, why does he occupy my place
لو شفت واحد أخوان جيلنا الميدان …. ليلة أمه سودا وهيروح زعلان
If I saw an Ikhwaani coming to the square (Tahrir)
his mother will have the hardest time and he will go home upset.
Below more illustrations how Egyptians see Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood.


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