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From supermodel to managing editor: How Cameron Russell’s TED Talk inspired her to start a magazine



I am a college professor and a world citizen. I am also the Founder and Director of the Center for Acquisition of Language, Literacy And Culture (CALLAC). I love all people, and strongly believe that all people are the same, regardless gender, race, color, religion, ethnicity, history, geography, culture, language, intellect, background or wealth. I am against inequality in all forms and shapes, firmly a pro women issues, fight against violence and harassment to women, everywhere, at home, at work, and on the streets. I want to see all peoples of this world become one. Perhaps through communicating with each other we can achieve this.

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working2 Cameron Russell and art director Hannah Assebe think over an idea for the redesign of the Interrupt magazine website. They can’t wait to show off the final product in September. Photo: Becky Chung

In the chaotic heart of downtown Brooklyn, a door greets you with an illustration of a man in a pink tutu and leopard print leggings tossing up a peace sign. Welcome to Space-Made—the art lab where Cameron Russell and her collaborators create Interrupt, a magazine that lets marginalized communities tell their own stories. It’s a concept that the supermodel felt compelled to launch after her TED Talk, “Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model,” went viral.

At a table, near the bubblegum machine and shelves full of photography books, Russell and Interrupt’s art director, Hannah Assebe, go over the latest wireframes for their website redesign. Fresh copies of Interrupt’s fourth issue, themed “I…

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