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Arabic Culture

September 24, 2020

Learning Arabic Verbal exchanges series: Greetings Verbal exchanges between native speakers of Arabic is like a ping pong game. The initiator starts with a phrase that has a certain sociolinguistic function, then the listener responds with a given phrase or sentence. It is exactly like a ping pong game, the initiator sends the message to… Read More ›

Language learning and communication

Don’t be confused or intimidated because you don’t know how to speak a language. Different Languages are there to prevent us from communication. How ironical is it that language, which is a trait for communication that is unique to human beings, becomes a barrier of communication when it is a different language! Learn languages to… Read More ›

[read post] A very deep, true, witty, factful article. It speaks volumes about the land of opportunities and what really runs deep in it’s veins, specifically when it comes to color. A must read by all. Kudos @AhmedKabil

A handshake or lack of! A non-shaky encounter ends in tears! A story about handshake in the Arab world.

We all as a human species even of different nations, ethnicity, color and race use our hands while communicating. Hands are used to signify happiness, sadness, queries and more. It’s said that the hand is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and it has direct connections to the brain. Could that be… Read More ›

Understanding Arabs

Understanding Arabs Please visit the Center for Acquisition of Languages, Literacy And Culture to learn more about Arabs. Rajaa Aquil the founder just published a blog on how the past and the present play a role in shaping the psyche of an Arab. The blog sheds light on important aspects that need to be taken… Read More ›