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A call to the free world, innocent children slain in Egypt

November 17, 2012

    A while ago I posted a post wondering if the Prime Minister of the Muslim Brotherhood government will act up to par with his responsibilities.   Now I am calling on the free world to help us take the Egyptians from the pit Egypt has sunk into. The free world thinks that Morsi’s… Read More ›

Bigots are after all that is deep and beautiful in the world, Women & History

Zeinobia wrote in her blog: Actually it is not only a Mad man’s Call,There are lots of Mad men in #Egypt !!. They are objecting to reporting about the wish and intention of the Salafists and radical Islamists to demolish the Sphinx and Pyramids. Those who are against reporting about it are not only radical… Read More ›

Mankind take a stand before it’s too late

Mankind take a stand before it’s too late Mankind take a stand and forbid the destruction of your history and heritage. Stone-head Talaban like Egyptian Islamist call for the destruction of the Sphinx, the Pyramids and the statues. The excerpt below is a translation of a piece of news appeared in Elaph, an electronic mobile… Read More ›