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How to talk about weather in Egyptian Arabic

October 29, 2020

In some languages like English and French the weather is referred to as ‘it’ in the former and ‘il’ in the latter.  In Egyptian Arabic since there is no third person neutral or inanimate pronoun the weather is referred to by using the word ‘ id.dun.ya’,  الدُنْيا  which literally means ‘the world’ But when it… Read More ›

[read post] A documentary about the relation between music and architecture in the Islamic culture.

[read post] A very deep, true, witty, factful article. It speaks volumes about the land of opportunities and what really runs deep in it’s veins, specifically when it comes to color. A must read by all. Kudos @AhmedKabil


“I appreciate your work and efforts!” This is not a cliche. It is a fundamental human need. It’s necessary in all relationships personal and professional. Being valued and appreciated fosters a positive sence of self-worth. When good work is recognized and appreciated motivation and inspiration to work more increases and accordingly production rasises too. This… Read More ›

Troubled heart

To leave or stay, this is the question!!! This morning I woke up with an urge to paint and the first thing I did was go to my studio. I knew I wanted red in my painting. So I applied red, pink, then blue, then started blending and making marks. All of a sudden I… Read More ›

Cities & Suburbs: Density & Boundaries

Source: Cities & Suburbs: Density & Boundaries

Our passports don’t define us: Taiye Selasi live at TEDGlobal 2014

I strongly second Selasi geographical definition of where one is from; from what local you are?

How to create a killer timelapse, with Joe Capra

Simply amazing.

bombs do not kill ideas

bombs do not kill ideas.