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Top 10 Inspiring TED Talks Women Should See

Originally posted on The Way I See It:
To celebrate Charmain Gooch winner of the year of the $1 million TED Prize and TED’s 30th anniversary – Anna Verghese, Deputy Director of the TED Prize recommended the top 10 moments for women in TED that we all need to see. What’s TED anyway?     TED…

Remembering Robin Williams

Originally posted on TED Blog:
Robin Williams hijacks the TED2008 stage before the BBC World Debate. Photo: Andrew Heavens It’s 2008, moments before a BBC broadcast live from the stage at TED. But something’s gone wrong. The house lights are still up, the camera ops are looking at one another, official-looking folks are wandering at…

From supermodel to managing editor: How Cameron Russell’s TED Talk inspired her to start a magazine

Originally posted on TED Blog:
Cameron Russell and art director Hannah Assebe think over an idea for the redesign of the Interrupt magazine website. They can’t wait to show off the final product in September. Photo: Becky Chung In the chaotic heart of downtown Brooklyn, a door greets you with an illustration of a man in a…


The man and his Brothers

The man and his Brothers.

Alsis’s word to Armed Forces

Some humble translation for non-Arabic speakers friends Alsis’s word to Armed Forces, Some humble translation for non-Arabic speakers friends. We are honest, we don’t know deception.We cannot stand watching all Egyptians or majority terrified or afraid and feel like being an imprisoned man. No one can get out or release him. I said once before… Read More ›

Egyptians for sure can

Egyptians for sure can.

The parallels between our highly wired minds and networks: Q&A with TED author Tiffany Shlain

Originally posted on TED Blog:
Can we draw instructive parallels between the development of the human brain and the emergence of the electronic global ‘brain’ of the Internet? New research in neuroscience suggests that, yes, we can. In the new TED ebook, Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks, filmmaker Tiffany Shlain explores the links between the two.…

Mankind take a stand before it’s too late

Mankind take a stand before it’s too late Mankind take a stand and forbid the destruction of your history and heritage. Stone-head Talaban like Egyptian Islamist call for the destruction of the Sphinx, the Pyramids and the statues. The excerpt below is a translation of a piece of news appeared in Elaph, an electronic mobile… Read More ›

The Uprising of Women in the Arab World: A Challenge to Exist

The Uprising of Women in the Arab World: A Challenge to Exist.