Stop violence agasint women & Empower them

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Stop all kinds of violence and harassment towards Arab and Muslim women. On this blog I will let the world know about this devastating phenomenon and share with you atrocities and horrible stories which occurred and are occurring to women of the region. From this blog I want to reach out to all parts of the world to take action in educating the people of the region about the harm that can result from the atrocities related to the way women are treated in their countries. People of these places need to be educated and enlightened. People of these regions need to know the real principles of their religions and believe systems. I don’t believe there is one religion or creed in this universe that calls for maltreatment of women. Please help me share my passion, spread the word, and interact with me to find a solution and instill it in the inflicted areas.

Women, we are here to help

I am questioning, why are women treated so badly and harassed? Why aren’t women empowered? Why are men so scared of empowering women. I am creating this a blog/page so that I can reach out to all people in the world who care about women and their rights. Women are being done wrong on daily… Read More ›