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I shred the documents

Painting by Rajrouj 2019

Sorry I shred the documents, what irony!

You develop and create a language program for a renowned state technical university. You create courses and syllabi, you publish in peer reviewed academic journals, you work to get them a grant from the Department of Education in the amount of $600k. Your establish their first Arabic study abroad and get your students scholarships.Your students love you and love your courses. Unanimous referees nationwide officially recommends you for tenure and promotion. But one higher up official at the institute tells you off and votes against you because in reality they cannot afford you anymore.You are too expensive for them. Apparently they want your state line.They decide to do without hiring a specialist in the language you teach. So you resign. But guess what: Now they want your syllabi to teach from. This is not the first time. They hired a PhD holder but nonspecialized in language/second language acquisition to teach the courses I developed during six years. Worse, is that they want to grab the syllabi and lesson plans of my signature course: Men-Women in Islam.. oh really… sorry I don’t have the documents anymore. I shred them just two weeks ago and with great pleasure. What irony… good luck teaching the course.

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