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Letter to Madam Secretary Mrs. Clinton

From Nevine Soliman I feel so helpless about what’s going on, I posted the following on team Hillary Clinton facebook page: About the new Pharaoh of Egypt Mrs. Clinton, Is this coincidence that after you meet with Morsy of Egypt a drastic action on his behalf occurs? Few months ago, he removed Tantawi and Enan of the Supreme Council… Read More ›

Egyptians for sure can

To all out there who think Egyptians will stay docile and accept whatever and from wherever orders come, I and all my Egyptian friends tell you, sorry you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG. More than 5 million people took to the streets today. Streets and squares were so filled, there were literally no place to stand. And… Read More ›

Autumn Rage- Egypt’s Autumn Rage The above video is taken at 4:00 PM before three major and massive marches reach Tahrir And still the security forces are gassing the people All Egyptians took to the streets chanting. I will transcribe them so you feel the rhyme in the chants. Here is the key, all letters are pronounced… Read More ›

Street war will prevail in all Egypt

Street war in Egypt AND MORE TO COME.  PLEASE TAKE A STAND. STOP THE VIOLENCE OF THE ADMINISTRATION IN EGYPT. Dear Mr. President Obama, Please don’t wait until the end of the Israeli elections in January to take an initiative to put an end to the autocratic and despotic methods with which the Muslim… Read More ›

Street war in Egypt This is just the beginning. Don’t let Egypt cradle of civilization fall into the hands of the Muslim Brothers. They will wipe off all that you love about Egypt. They are full of vengeance and hate all those who don’t comply with them. They are dangerous and have very powerful weapons.

Don’t call me Morsi, call me Morsilini

Has power gotten to his head? Please watch the video and photos below and see what the Morsi police are doing to the peaceful demonstrators? There is a lot of warnings that the people who are in the sit-in in Tahrir until the “deceleration of the constitution” is denounced and cancelled, will be stormed by… Read More ›

The shepherd turned into Hitler

Yesterday President Morsi of Egypt was hailed as a shepherd of peace, as he brokered a sustainable cease-fire agreement between Hamas and Israel.  With the international and American media praising him he emerged triumphant with enhanced prestige and now has a track record as someone who can mediate peace between two enemies. However, this peace… Read More ›

No problem if elected president is illetrate

وقال:  المستشار الغريانى تصدى لمقترحاتنا بحجة أن الشعب المصرى أغلبه يعانى الأمية، وأن وضع هذه الشروط قد تحول أمام ترشح العديد منهم . According to Almogaz and in relation to drafting the constitution in Egypt, counselor Al Gheriani the head of the committee objected to all suggestions for including text in the constitution to… Read More ›

How ironic! Peace and death by the same instigator

The US, Israel and Gaza are happy for Morsi’s role to instigate the truce between Hamas and Israel. They have all the right to be happy. However, the Egyptians are not. While the Gazans are celebrating peace, Egyptians are mourning with tears and blood. First they are mourning the 60 little ones who got crushed,… Read More ›

Nov 19 uprise “a warning”

Sign says: “Morsi, LEAVE, Egypt is too big for you!” A message delivered by Amr Edib in his talk show program last night. Colonel Afifi, a retired Egyptian officer is warning through his youtube message that tomorrow the masses will ask for the resignation of Qandil government and if their demand is not met, the… Read More ›