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Alsis’s word to Armed Forces

Some humble translation for non-Arabic speakers friends Alsis’s word to Armed Forces, Some humble translation for non-Arabic speakers friends. We are honest, we don’t know deception.We cannot stand watching all Egyptians or majority terrified or afraid and feel like being an imprisoned man. No one can get out or release him. I said once before… Read More ›

Egyptians’ perspecitive of Muslim Brothers

‘il ka’in il ikhwaani – The Ikhaani Object Ikhwaani comes from the phrase “il ikhwaan il muslimiin” The Muslim Brothers. So Ikhwaani means that person pertaining to the Muslim Brotherhood. الكائن الاخواني ملوش مكان في ميداني….. The Ikhawaani Object doesn’t a place in my square (Tahrir) احنا اللي عملنا الثورة … ليه يركب هو مكاني… Read More ›

Autumn Rage- Egypt’s Autumn Rage The above video is taken at 4:00 PM before three major and massive marches reach Tahrir And still the security forces are gassing the people All Egyptians took to the streets chanting. I will transcribe them so you feel the rhyme in the chants. Here is the key, all letters are pronounced… Read More ›

No problem if elected president is illetrate

وقال:  المستشار الغريانى تصدى لمقترحاتنا بحجة أن الشعب المصرى أغلبه يعانى الأمية، وأن وضع هذه الشروط قد تحول أمام ترشح العديد منهم . According to Almogaz and in relation to drafting the constitution in Egypt, counselor Al Gheriani the head of the committee objected to all suggestions for including text in the constitution to… Read More ›

How ironic! Peace and death by the same instigator

The US, Israel and Gaza are happy for Morsi’s role to instigate the truce between Hamas and Israel. They have all the right to be happy. However, the Egyptians are not. While the Gazans are celebrating peace, Egyptians are mourning with tears and blood. First they are mourning the 60 little ones who got crushed,… Read More ›