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The shepherd turned into Hitler

Yesterday President Morsi of Egypt was hailed as a shepherd of peace, as he brokered a sustainable cease-fire agreement between Hamas and Israel.  With the international and American media praising him he emerged triumphant with enhanced prestige and now has a track record as someone who can mediate peace between two enemies. However, this peace… Read More ›

How ironic! Peace and death by the same instigator

The US, Israel and Gaza are happy for Morsi’s role to instigate the truce between Hamas and Israel. They have all the right to be happy. However, the Egyptians are not. While the Gazans are celebrating peace, Egyptians are mourning with tears and blood. First they are mourning the 60 little ones who got crushed,… Read More ›

Mr President you are a FAILURE Amr Edib, one (if not the most) of the most popular Egyptian anchors, who hosts “Cairo today” a 14-16 year old TV talk-show, call all Egyptians including himself “Failures”. The talk-show provides a platform to criticize that which goes wrong in Egypt. Yesterday in the wake of the horrific collision accident of a school… Read More ›