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People need expansion of Tahrir

Egyptians are known for their great sense of humor. The number of people in Tahrir square has been estimated to exceed 5 million. So they are entertaining themselves by chanting: الشعب يريد توسيع الميدان [ash.sha’b yuriid tawsii’ il midaan] people need expansion of the square (Tahrir) Egyptians took to the streets. Streets are filled with… Read More ›

Street war in Egypt This is just the beginning. Don’t let Egypt cradle of civilization fall into the hands of the Muslim Brothers. They will wipe off all that you love about Egypt. They are full of vengeance and hate all those who don’t comply with them. They are dangerous and have very powerful weapons.

Don’t call me Morsi, call me Morsilini

Has power gotten to his head? Please watch the video and photos below and see what the Morsi police are doing to the peaceful demonstrators? There is a lot of warnings that the people who are in the sit-in in Tahrir until the “deceleration of the constitution” is denounced and cancelled, will be stormed by… Read More ›