Stop violence agasint women & Empower them

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High time for FMG prosecution YES… YES…GREAT NEWS.. This is because the third world or underdeveloped countries always look up at the developed countries and blindly imitate them. Perhaps, only then will they come into their senses and indict those who mercilessly commit this crime and FINALLY put an end to a beastly savage habit. Related articles Keep Your… Read More ›

Bigots are after all that is deep and beautiful in the world, Women & History

Zeinobia wrote in her blog: Actually it is not only a Mad man’s Call,There are lots of Mad men in #Egypt !!. They are objecting to reporting about the wish and intention of the Salafists and radical Islamists to demolish the Sphinx and Pyramids. Those who are against reporting about it are not only radical… Read More ›

Hipocrisy 101

Against taHarrush- انا ضد التحرش H E R M A S @HermasFawzy ليه السلفيين مقالوش “عايزين حق اختنا إيمان” ؟؟! . إيمان اتضربت بالنار فى اسيوط بعد ماحاولت تبعد المتحرش بيها A translation of tweet from HermasFawzy about the Shari’a Friday and the Salafists (extra orthodox conservative Wahabi like Muslims) who organized yesterday Friday November… Read More ›